As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?

Check out this Democracy Now broadcast talking about new discovery of the depths of Wells Fargo’s criminal foreclosure practices!  What bullies!  An attorney who represents clients being foreclosed on by Wells Fargo, Linda Tirelli, has discovered that Wells Fargo actually has a manual that tells their lawyers “how to produce missing documents to foreclose on homeowners.”   Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Linda Tirelli and Kevin Whelan, campaign director for the Home Defenders League,” a national movement of underwater homeowners and allies who organize to keep people in their homes and demand accountability”.  

This is a quote from Amy Goodman from the interview:

“…we have this latest news that as—that the attorney general claimed to have filed lawsuits on behalf of homeowner victims for losses totaling more than a billion dollars. In fact, it was 91 percent less than this, at $95 million. What do you think should happen? Who gets prosecuted here, and who is let free?”

The county is spending more and more money to prosecute the final four of the Santa Cruz 11 as federal prosecutors turn a blind eye to Wells Fargo’s criminal acts.  When will the absurdity end? 

Listen to the full broadcast or read the transript here :


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