Bob Lee says one thing and does another

Bob-Lee2-104x150 Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee’s office has been accused by Santa Cruz attorneys of bias based on his financial relationship to Wells Fargo, the plaintiff in the SC 11 case. This comes in stark contrast to his statement to the Mercury News (below) regarding the influence of money and private relationships in court proceedings. Bob hasn’t come out and shared his relationship to Wells Fargo, or made any public comment on the Santa Cruz 11 case as the years and cost to taxpayers add up.

“The last thing I want is the appearance of influence or bias, so I would never give consideration or a break to a donor or a friend,” said Santa Cruz County District Attorney Bob Lee. “We just firewall it. If someone has a problem, they should go to the prosecutor’s supervisor like everyone else.”


One thought on “Bob Lee says one thing and does another

  1. Time to Close the Book on Santa Cruz Eleven Prosecutions

    It is time to  bring community closure to this wasteful public spectacle. The endless legal wrangling and enormous expense with no end sight has long since lost any ability to work any real justice. It is time to bring our civic appeal to the District Attorney that dismissal of the charges without further drain on the public purse is in his best interests; to say nothing of the best interests of justice and of the people he was elected to serve.

    Bob Lee, justice delayed is justice denied. Time to move on and the let the community heal. 

    Steve Pleich
    Santa Cruz

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