Trial Approaches for the SC11! 

Friends and supporters, it is true. It seems likely that the remaining 4 members of the SC11 will be heading to trial later this month!

With a readiness hearing on July 22nd and Jury selection to start on the 27th, we will be gearing up awareness and support for the remaining 4. 

Help us spread the word about the court dates and keep and eye out for upcoming rallies and opportunities to come together.

Years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later let’s show we are still here supporting our community and urging the prosecution to drop the charges!!


One thought on “Trial Approaches for the SC11! 

  1. From the July 4 Sentinel Letters to the Editor:

    Can we now close the case of the Santa Cruz Eleven?

    The pronouncement of sentence in the case of the six UCSC students who blocked Highway 1 in protest over rising tuition fees comes less that four months after the action and provides both closure and an opportunity to move forward for our community and for the students themselves.

    It is all the more notable because the case of the Santa Cruz Eleven still lingers in the court as we approach the four-year mark. The remaining four defendants continue to languish in a legal netherworld where justice delayed seems to be the prosecutorial rule of the day. How much longer must they and the community wait to see an end to this wasteful and pointless exercise? Our community anxiously, and impatiently, awaits the answer.

    — Steve Pleich Santa Cruz

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