Help Them Move On – A Call For Financial Solidarity

As the final four members of the Santa Cruz 11 digest what has happened this week, as well as the whole almost 4 years of the court case, we are calling for folks to continue to support them. The case has been settled for all but one (who goes to court this coming Wednesday), but the fallout may last quite awhile.cropped-forest_bokeh-wallpaper-2560x1440.jpg

It can be really difficult to integrate experiences like these. Especially when you are still dealing with Probation and paying restitution. It can feel extra isolating because the support meetings have ended, the publicity is over, the attention shifts, and still the impact of it all lingers.

We are inviting folks to contribute to a fund to support the restitution and court fees imposed on the defendants. Hundreds of people participated in the occupation of 75 River St. Hundreds of thousands participated in the Occupy movement. Millions of people want change in this world. This is a drop of water in that river, it may feel insignificant, and yet it is real.

Please follow this link and donate what you can in support. Share the campaign with groups and lists you think may care. And also share your own stories. May our struggles weave a thread that is strong enough to hold us in our worst moments, in the toughest of fights, in the beautiful work that is to be done.

Thank you,

Friends of the Santa Cruz 11


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