What you can do

This isn’t an easy topic.

How do we stop the City from doing something it has its mind to? dreamHow do we stop politicians from wasting our money to support the property of Wells Fargo? How do we stop the Police from harassing our friends to save their image? How do we support our friends as they deal with a felony trial?

1. Personal care. If you know any of the defendants, reach out to them. Take them to lunch. Or tea. Buy them a massage. Ask them how they are feeling about things. It helps sometimes to just know people remember this is happening. Fighting charges is stressful and trial is completely alienating.

2. Show up. Come to trial. Pay attention to what is going on. Again, it feels good to know folks care.

3. Help spread the word. Make fliers or posters, print ones other people made or make your own, and put them around town. Talk about it with friends. “Silence kills a revolution” and there is a lot about this case to get worked up about.

4. Pressure the Politicians. Write, call, visit City council members, the District Attorney, Wells Fargo and anyone else you can get a hold of. Write the Media, local publications and online forums. Be the squeaky wheel. Our friends are dealing with enough already and this aspect of things can be really overwhelming.

Call Bob Lee’s office at (831)454-2400 and tell them to drop the charges!

5. Dream. Why is this happening? How could it be different? What is the best possible outcome for this situation?


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