Supporters’ Dinner, April 11th from the 11

grilled_chicken_pasta_1The Santa Cruz 11 would like to thank our supports on Friday, April 11th with a delicious pasta dinner. We appreciate you coming out to the court dates, wearing the T-shirts and for all the millions ways you support us and show you care.

Are you a Santa Cruz 11 Supporter? Probably, if you are here. Want to know the dinner details? Want to help? Contact us at:

Results of today’s hearing, next Hearing May 7th

Today’s status hearing was uneventful as expected.  Judge Burdick reported that he sent his response to the prosecution’s 170.1 to a judicial council who then has 2 weeks to assign it to a judge in Santa Clara, Monterey, or San Francisco County.  Once a judge in one of those districts has the motion and the response, they have 4 to 8 weeks in which to deliver a ruling.

We will be back in court on May 7th to determine whether or not a ruling has been delivered.  See you there!

As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?

Check out this Democracy Now broadcast talking about new discovery of the depths of Wells Fargo’s criminal foreclosure practices!  What bullies!  An attorney who represents clients being foreclosed on by Wells Fargo, Linda Tirelli, has discovered that Wells Fargo actually has a manual that tells their lawyers “how to produce missing documents to foreclose on homeowners.”   Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Linda Tirelli and Kevin Whelan, campaign director for the Home Defenders League,” a national movement of underwater homeowners and allies who organize to keep people in their homes and demand accountability”.  

This is a quote from Amy Goodman from the interview:

“…we have this latest news that as—that the attorney general claimed to have filed lawsuits on behalf of homeowner victims for losses totaling more than a billion dollars. In fact, it was 91 percent less than this, at $95 million. What do you think should happen? Who gets prosecuted here, and who is let free?”

The county is spending more and more money to prosecute the final four of the Santa Cruz 11 as federal prosecutors turn a blind eye to Wells Fargo’s criminal acts.  When will the absurdity end? 

Listen to the full broadcast or read the transript here :

Join us in calling Bob Lee!

The 11th for the 11!

Call Bob Lee! Coffee for Free!

Join us in calling Bob Lee’s office and telling him what we think about his handling of the Santa Cruz 11 case, and urging him to drop the charges. His office is open from 8 to 12, and 1 to 5 and can be reached at (831)454-2400. It is the duty of the District Attorney’s office to uphold the well being of the citizens of Santa Cruz county, let’s let him know continuing to prosecute the 4 defendants in this case is not in the best interests of our communities.

Friends of the SC11 will be out around town today handing out fliers with information about the case, inviting people to call in, and giving out free coffee!

Come hangout with us:

  • 9:30am to noon in front of the Humanities building above Cowell College UCSC
  • 1 to 4 in front of the clock tower downtown

March 11th for the 11!

Let’s Keep The Pressure On!

Keep the Pressure OnAs Bob Lee’s office continues to make decisions that draw out this case and cost the taxpayers of Santa Cruz thousands upon thousands of dollars, it is time for us to let them know what we think!

This coming Tuesday, March 11th join us in calling in to Bob Lee’s office and telling them to Drop The Charges! From 8-12 and 1-5 call the District Attorneys office at (831) 454-2400 and let them know their actions aren’t representing you. The DAs office exists to act on behalf of the residents of Santa Cruz County and has a duty to respond to our opinion.

Some talking points you might use are:

  • The overly high and mounting expense of the case (more than $100,000 of taxpayer money in efforts to reimburse $20-25,000 to Wells Fargo)
  • The fact that Wells Fargo inflated clean up costs and is a giant corporation with billions of dollars in profit every year
  • The toll on the community – the case is already 2 years old and the impact on the defendants and the community as been detrimental and tangible
  • The fact of that these charges have “chilled free speech” – negatively affecting our communities right to express our opinions and organize
  • The fact that they are pursuing 4 individuals for an action that involved over 100 people (and the fact that judges have already dropped the charges on 7 of the original 11 shows lack of substantial evidence)
  • The fact that there is no evidence that any of the defendants caused or supported vandalism
  • The fact that in court hearings prosecuting assistant district attorney Greg Peinado has not been empowered to make decisions, or offer reasonable deals, because of pressure from those higher up in the DAs office (perhaps due to Wells Fargo’s financial relationship to Bob Lee’s election campaign)

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to follow this case as it continues its long and twisting course. It is often a strategy of the court to draw things out and strain defendants to the point of taking whatever is offered, and we see vocal and on going support as important not only to the defendants but in highlighting the poor state of our justice system.

Thank you for calling in on the 11th, please help spread the word. Also feel empowered and encouraged to pick up the phone and call Bob Lee’s office anytime, all the time, and remind them that we are watching and to Drop The Charges!